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Cuomo to Senecas: Continue payments or state will put a casino in Niagara Falls

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Outside the casino in Niagara Falls with minimal editing. Thoughts?

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ITAP of a casino in Niagara Falls

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Game 3 ECF. Down 2-0 Vs Bucks. Lost all my money at Niagara casino then got email on the Safeway Tours bus back to TO that I won seats in a raffle, double OT win to make it a series. Busted the little inflatable stick guys 5 mins into the game. Hype night

Game 3 ECF. Down 2-0 Vs Bucks. Lost all my money at Niagara casino then got email on the Safeway Tours bus back to TO that I won seats in a raffle, double OT win to make it a series. Busted the little inflatable stick guys 5 mins into the game. Hype night submitted by BigBelly10 to torontoraptors [link] [comments]

Requesting Guidance

New to this area originally from Ontario and like many looking for a place to make a home. Unique family married with 2 adult children one still in High School. Wondering about locations to live. Struggle with the lack of mature trees in some of the established areas wondering about Maplehurst area of Moncton as it is closer to the casino. One are of interest nice house however directly behind is the Casino. In Niagara Falls that is an area you just would never live and wondering if the same applies here in Moncton. I do love the Riverview area and for ease of lifestyle it is very appealing; however my youngest to move high school again is not an option. Any suggestion at this point would be greatly appreciated.
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My UFO experience

Although my memory is sketchy on details like exact date and time (this happened 10+ years ago), what we saw will forever be burned into my brain and is the honest to god’s truth. My description won’t even do the experience justice. It was truly mesmerizing and surreal. This is the event that has cemented my certainty that extraterrestrial and/or multidimensional craft do indeed visit this earth for reasons unknown.
In 2006 I was working at a casino in Niagara Falls, NY. On a day off of work looking for something to do, a close friend and I decided we would go to the casino in Canada, just across the border from Niagara Falls, NY. We were going to drive to the border, park the car on the American side, walk over the bridge into Canada and make our way to the casino there. I will call this time of day “just before dusk”. It was a beautifully clear day, no clouds with a blue/orange tint with the sun just starting to slip away. Driving Northeast just coming into the city (driving away from the river), I randomly looked up and noticed some very strange looking visuals high up in the sky, right through the windshield as I drove. Immediately I pointed this out to my friend who was in the passenger seat and he started scanning the sky with me as I drove. I slowed the car down to a crawl on the street while looking up through the windshield. As we started to realize what we were seeing, the “Holy shit!”s and the “What the fuck is that?”s started.
What we were witnessing were about 3 to 5 absolutely monstrous upside down bowl shaped craft with either “tentacles” beneath, or more likely cloud/mist surrounding and “tailing” as they moved, which made them look like jellyfish travelling in one direction. Now I say monstrous, but they were very, very far up and far away… although very clear and distinct through the sort of mist that surrounded them. The best way I can explain the size is how you would perceive a small city from an airplane. It looks small because of the distance, but your brain understands how big it truly is. The craft were a very dark grey with noticeable detail. Not smooth. They almost seemed like massive floating cities, but with a distinct upside down bowl shape.
The reason I say 3 to 5 is because you only ever saw one at a time. At the top of each craft was a pulsing white “light” (like a cherry on top, but white) that would very slowly fade in and out, making the craft disappear and reappear, creating the effect of only seeing one craft at any given moment. When the light was on, the craft was visible. When the light was off, the craft was completely invisible. The light would slowly fade/pulse the craft into view and vice versa. Like a dimmer. The craft would actually become less opaque, and vice versa, with the changing “brightness” of the “light”. As one would fade/pulse into visibility, the next one just ahead of it or behind it would fade/pulse out of visibility. They were moving in a pack, so to the best of my knowledge there were about 3 to 5 of them. Not in a straight line, but abstractly near each other moving steadily in the same direction. They moved slowly, methodically, but seemed to be moving fast. Probably due to their actual massive size. It’s hard to explain. As I came to an intersection facing Northeast, I had to make a left towards the border, which was the way they were headed. They were headed North directly over the border, parallel to Niagara Falls, the actual waterfalls.
We quickly stopped the car and parked haphazardly on the side of the street. We jumped out and walked, swiftly dodging houses, buildings, businesses, watching the craft head towards Canada. As we got closer to the border, we started pointing for the tourists to look up and witness what we were seeing. Oddly, almost no one looked. There had to be 20+ walking the streets at that very moment and they mostly just ignored us and kept walking or quickly glanced and nodded like ‘Yeah, whatever.’ At some point we ran back to the car, quickly found parking and briskly walked to the bridge hoping to see more. While walking over the bridge, we could still see the craft Northeasternly, although much further away and deeper into Canada. Just nuts. Still no one would listen to us as we pointed to the craft. We witnessed these craft for about 20-25 minutes total, all told.
Now is where the story takes a strange turn. The short and simple of it is, someone that I had never met in my life witnessed the same exact craft at the same exact time, from a different perspective. They worked at the casino too, but were working that evening. They saw it getting on and off the shuttle that used to shuttle us to and from the casino. Exact. Same. Description. The exact same day. Same craft.
Turns out, that girl ended up becoming my girlfriend and months into our relationship we were talking about UFOs and this came up. Imagine our utter shock that we witnessed the same exact UFOs without having known each other. And on top of it, she had a hard time getting anyone to look up at the craft too! She says people were ignoring it like they did with us. Crazy. Still my girlfriend to this day. My best friend and the love of my life. And, another strange side note, that other friend of mine, still a close friend, now questions what he saw, almost to the point of completely dismissing it. He saw the exact same thing I saw. Strange stuff. Unfortunately, neither of us had a cameraphone at the time, which really sucks. Thanks for listening. Feel free to ask any questions.
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USD vs CAD and investing in Cannabis stocks

As an American I own all my cannequities via the OTC market with tickers ending in F. I remember the turn of the century when you could drive up to the casinos in Niagara, and they gave you 3 for 2 (1.50 in 2000). I also remember driving to Montreal eleven years later and how strange it seemed to only get a 1 for 1 (1.0 in 2011). Nowadays i'm only trading USD for shares of Canadian Cannabis Companies, but i was wondering about the USD/CAD exchange rate (1.25 in 2018) and how it may effect my U.S shares of these Canadian companies.
WEED 34.89 TWMJF 28.25
The difference in price is simply the exchange rate currently ~1.24
What would happen to the stock prices in a scenario where the currency were to move back to parity?
I'm no forex guy, but glancing at the chart it seems there is some level of possibility that the USD continues lower and the possibility of a return to parity.
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The Hydro-Telsatron Fountain in Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls.

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Please tell me about the casino you play live poker at in canada.

I am curious about what casinos people like in Canada for live poker. If you can please let me know what games are offered, limits, anything good or bad about it and most importantly amount of action.
In a few months I graduate from university and I want to go somewhere in Canada to grind off my student debt. Bonus points for casinos in areas with lower cost of living.
Edit: currently im think of going to fallsview casino in niagara falls. Supposed to be pretty good action (especially in the summer) and there are other casinos close by if there is an event going on.
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Clarification on a rule please

Hi /poker, here is the rule that I came across today, I've never heard it or seen it before so I am curious if others are aware of it, if it is more common than I know and if I can get an explanation of the reason for it.
Situation: 1-2 NL Hold'em
UTG makes it 7
UTG+1 goes all in for 10
1 or 2 callers and some folds to me in late position.
I try to raise it to 20 and am told I cannot.
RULE: I am not allowed to raise. My only options are call and fold.
The further explanation from a friend was that because the all-in bet was less than half of the raise amount. I can't raise it.
This makes no sense to me. I know that because it wasn't a full raise it doesn't reopen the betting for the original raiser (UTG) but why am I, a player who has yet to act, losing options because an earlier player went all in for to little.
Can anyone give me some more info here.
For those that are curious this happened at the Seneca Niagara Casino in Niagara Falls, NY
EDIT: corrected term to be UTG (been a while since I've discussed poker, I've forgotten so many terms)
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Top Ten MMA Fighters You Should Build A Shrine To

Disclaimer : This isn't an orignal work. It was lifted entirely from a Middleeasy article. I just put it in text format because, if you click the link, you'll realise that it's completely messed up. The headliners & the text following them are a mismatch. Also, some links are broken. Just wanted to make it easier for the readers.

Somewhere deep within an ashram in Tibet, a corner of a room has been sectioned off to pay homage to a handful of truly unique MMA fighters. We’re not talking about the obvious here. Guys like Anderson Silva, BJ Penn, Georges St. Pierre and Fedor already have their respective cult following. They no longer need our spiritual guidance. This section of the room in this undisclosed ashram is dedicated to a group of guys (and girls) that took the MMA world by the scrotum, gave it a firm yank and then raided our fridge as we all rolled around our living room floor in excruciating pain.
Only a select few deserve their own effigy constructed out of spare plywood, leftover Christmas decorations and half-empty cans of spray paint. I present to you ‘The Top Ten MMA Fighters You Should Build A Shrine To’ only at – Because MMA is everything.
Michelle Waterson
Whatever you do, try not to let your girlfriend know Michelle Waterson exists. If you have bikini photos of her, don’t hide them in a folder on your desktop called ‘Work’. If you do have a potpourri of Michelle Waterson pics under a folder on your desktop called ‘Work’, don’t hand over your laptop to your girlfriend and disclose your Windows login password. If your girlfriend finds these photos, she will threaten to smash your laptop against a hampster cage and kick you out of her apartment. You will then have to hop on the nearest train and book a hotel for the rest of the night (everything about that story is true).
We can all agree that Michelle Waterson is beyond hot. That’s already an established fact humanity has come to accept like…the Lakers are the most dominate team in the NBA history or Kimbo Slice is already a UFC champion. It’s not even debatable. The only thing the world needs to see is more of Michelle ‘The Karate Hottie (that’s her real nickname)’ Waterson. She holds a record of 6-3 and she trains out of Greg Jackson’s camp, the same guy responsible for the equally hot Julie Kedzie (yum) and Georges St. Pierre (hot only if you’re a chick…or a Mets fan). Her last fight, she chalked up an ‘L’ to Elena Reid last April which inevitably turned out to be the hottest fight in MMA history. Before that, Waterson grabbed a ‘W’ against Tyra Parker (she’s cute too, they’re all cute).
I woke up in a frenzy this morning thinking about Michelle Waterson. If aliens landed on the White House lawn right now it still wouldn’t be as exciting as knowing that Michelle Waterson mounts other chicks in the cage…with hot pants on. If you’re still not convinced that you should raid your local Home Depot to build a shrine to Waterson, just Google her and make sure your girlfriend isn’t standing over your shoulder (double check just to make sure, trust me).
Here’s a little blueprint to get your shrine started. No, that wasn’t some sexual innuendo.

Beau Taylor
Ah man, the story of OMA. If you were alive on July 21st 2009, you probably remember waking up to the news that Kimo Leopaldo died of a heart attack in Costa Rica. TMZ picked up on the report and the New York Post quickly followed. Within a couple of hours, the entire MMA world gave their condolences to the Leopaldo family in a variety of blog posts, news articles and guys that still proclaim if Royce Gracie fought Kimo again, Royce would lose. It took Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports several tries to eventually get a hold of Kimo Leopaldo on the phone in which he replied with:
‘I knew I wasn’t dead, so when I was reading this I wondered if I was jinxed or something was going to happen
‘It was really strange. I was surprised at how nasty it was. I guess it wasn’t a good thing. I’ve always had strange things written about me but nothing this bizarre. I couldn’t believe it when I searched for my name and I wrote in ‘Kimo Leopoldo’ and it added the word ‘death.’’
His publicist press released a statement that Kimo was in fact not dead, but just sleeping. The next day, dude even held his very own ‘Look people, I’m alive’ press conference.
And the guy behind it? Undefeated mixed martial artist Beau ‘One Man Army ™’ Taylor. Hold up, it gets even more bizarre.
Shortly after the incident happened, Beau Taylor spoke with about how he duped the entire MMA world. Everyone needs to read this TSG report in its entirety because it will be the funniest thing you will read today (regardless of current time or location).
JULY 22–The fabricated claim yesterday about the purported death of a former Ultimate Fighting Championship star was the handiwork of a self-described “Internet troll” with a “weird mind.” Beau Taylor, a 31-year-old Oklahoma man, created a thread on a popular mixed martial arts (MMA) web site reporting that Kimo Leopoldo had died in Costa Rica of a heart attack. Taylor told TSG that he selected Leopoldo as the subject of the hoax in light of the fighter’s arrest earlier this year on drug charges. “I thought it would be a good fit,” said Taylor. The fabricated account of Leopoldo’s death leapt beyond MMA web sites and bulletin boards when reported yesterday afternoon that it had “confirmed” the 41-year-old athlete’s demise (this confirmation was presumably delivered by one of the gossip site’s paid sources). The erroneous story was later yanked from the site, which is now batting .500 on recent death exclusives. For his part, Taylor’s eventful week has also included a public intoxication arrest. He was busted early Sunday morning after security officers at a shopping center found him passed out in his car with the engine running, with “an open container of beer in the center console,” according to a Tulsa Police Department report. Cops noted that Taylor reeked of alcohol and had difficulty standing. “Taylor said that he had left his house intoxicated in order to buy cigarettes,” noted cops, who reported that Taylor said he had consumed three glasses of wine and six beers. Asked about his beaming mug shot, seen below, Taylor spoke of trying to strike the right booking photo balance: “You know, I didn’t want to look like Nick Nolte,” he said. “Or that I was too happy to be arrested.”
For his antics, Beau Taylor was banned from The UG (the forum in which he created the hoax) but his account was later reinstated just for the sheer rawesomeness of his trolling ability. OMA even created a parody of Kimo Leopaldo’s press conference where he claimed Kimo was still deceased and the previous Kimo press conference was just a hoax. Besides becoming an internet legend over night, OMA also claims he is the World Champion of the American Southwest (dude does have a belt) and is currently recovering from an injury that has sidelined him for much of 2009. You can find Oma/Beau Taylor still doing his thing on The UG to this day. Have fun with that.

Din Thomas
Raise your hand if you’ve operated an unsanctioned, underground fight club entirely in your gym in Palm Springs, Florida. If your name isn’t Din Thomas then you should slap yourself in the face and give me everything in your kitchen (including that six-pack you bought for this weekend). Din Thomas is the friggin man. I know that expression is used more than ‘Machida is elusive’, but it’s true. Din Thomas is the friggin man. Who else has a DVD where they teach you 1,001 submissions in a 52 volume set. I bet you didn’t even know the human body was capable of 1,001 submissions (it’s cool, I didn’t either). When Chris Brown was accused of assaulting Rhianna earlier this year, Din Thomas got on the mic after his win over Gabe Lemey and called out Chris Brown. Dude announced in front of an audience of drunk fans that it was wrong to beat chicks and if Rhianna ever needed his assistance, he would readily be available. See, I told you Din Thomas is truly the friggin man.
We ran into Din when we covered The Ultimate Chaos, we even took pictures of him in his undies. His opponent was supposed to be Javier Vasquez but due to some incompetent confusion, he wasn’t allowed to fight (matter of fact, no one really knows exactly what happened). But let’s get back to the underground fight club Din Thomas operated in his gym in Florida…
Din Thomas constructed a full size UFC octagon at his American Top Team gym and charged admission to a crowd of over 150 heads. Din Thomas was later arrested and managed to post a $10,000 bail to be released from prison.
Shine Fights has signed Din Thomas to an exclusive contract along with the former WBC and WBA welterweight champion, Ricardo Mayorga. When Din got word of Mayorga’s signing he issued the following statement:
”Ricardo Mayorga just signed to fight in Shine. I think he is afraid of me. If he does accept the fight I will put him into retirement and send him back to his fruit stand in Nicaragua. He will be wearing a straw hat, smoking cigarettes, and selling bananas once and for all. This is MMA and I will beat him standing or on the ground. I will let him pick how he wants to lose his first MMA fight.”
Dude got his wish. Shine Fights has slated Ricardo Mayorga’s first MMA bout to be against the same guy who defeated Clay Guida, Matt Serra, Rich Clementi and Jens Pulver. Good luck Ricardo.

Koji Oishi
Out of the many people that have crossed Nick Diaz’s path (in or out of a hospital in Las Vegas), Koji Oishi definitely gets the award for being the most desperately inventive. Dude had a plan unlike any MMA fighter out there. He was a visionary. Koji Oishi was ahead of his time. If we went back 300 million years, Koji Oishi would be that one fish who tried to walk on the beach but failed miserably and died of suffocation. Charles Darwin would have been proud of Koji Oishi. To avoid getting punched in the face, most MMA fighters would either dodge or block with their forearms. Not Koji Oishi. In fact, if Oishi got a hold of your gameplan he would urinate on it and right hook it into the ground.
Koji Oishi gave the saying ‘a good defense is a strong offensive’ an entirely new meaning. On June 4th 2005, Oishi’s trainer convinced him to execute the most awkward and impossible defense in UFC history. Instead of blocking and dodging strikes, Koji Oishi was instructed to intercept Nick Diaz’s fist with his own. Koji Oishi believed that if he were to punch Nick Diaz’s fist as Diaz threw a strike at him, he would create enough force to break Diaz’s hand. We’re serious.

Bobby Green
On January 24th 2009, the world was introduced to a guy from Riverside Submission Camacho MMA team that had an impressive record of 7-1 (with all eight fights occurring in 2008). On two weeks notice he made his PPV debut on one the biggest cards of 2009: ‘Affliction: Day of Reckoning” (RIP). While you were contracting a staph infection from training your Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Bobby Green was busy thwarting gang turf wars with his fighting style. The fact that Bobby Green’s fighting style is categorized as: “Hood” should be enough for you to sacrifice a few goats in his honor.
Just before Bobby Green walked out to the ring, dude was so preoccupied with jumping in the stands and dancing amongst the crowd that he missed his walk-out cue. Affliction ended up announcing his name before his intro video was shown on the monitors at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California. Bobby hopped down from the stands, ran back-stage to redo his entrance but it was too late. Everyone was going nuts and Bobby Green had already premature ejaculated his entrance. It’s ok, we’ve all done it before.
Once Bobby Green’s bout with Dan Lauzon ensued, we all realized what fighting style: ‘Hood’ entailed. Essentially it meant kicking a guy in the testicles three times in the first round. Big John wasn’t officiating the fight but he said the first groin shot didn’t even land but the other two were fair game. After the first testicle punt, Bobby Green rested on the ropes, looked at the crowd and the camera caught Green saying ‘Oh sh__ it’s Oscar De La Hoya…and Donald Trump’.
Unfortunately ‘Hood’ couldn’t keep Bobby from being submitted by Joe Lauzon’s brother. With five seconds left in the first round, Bobby was caught with a rear-naked-choke that forced him to tapout. Bummer. Dude still pocketed a cool $4,000 which he probably used to further improve his ‘hood technique’ (compared to Andrei Arlovski who made $1,500,000 for not listening to Freddie Roach’s gameplan).

Charles 'Krazy Horse' Bennett
Krazy Horse is better than your favorite MMA fighter. Alright, maybe not better but astronomically more entertaining. If the entire MMA world were condensed to Marvel comic cliches, dude would undoubtedly be Deadpool. Damn, that was pretty friggin nerdy. I hope that chick I met at [insert name of Gentleman’s club I was too drunk too remember] didn’t just read that. If a place is called a ‘Gentleman’s Club’, it really just means that you’re going to be searched at the door and charged $15 for a Bud Light. Watching Krazy Horse’s old Pride Bushido fights is stuff of legends. Dude plays to the camera, loves his audience and is known to never train prior to any MMA match. 21 of his 40 fights have occurred at King of the Cage so it’s safe to say he’s like a demigod over there. His knockout of KJ Noons (and subsequent freakishly high back-flip) at EliteXC earned him a spot on CagePotato’s Eight Most Insane Victory Celebrations of All Time. In an interview with MMAJunkie (via Fightlinker), Krazy Horse says that he had to change his name to ‘Kid Khaos’ in order to calm his image and be a role model.
Long known as one of the more unusual – and, at times, skilled – fighters in MMA, Bennett is looking to reinvent his character. He’s a father now, he says, so he needs to be a role model.
He’s training, committing himself to the sport, cleaning up his image and hopefully heading into the best part of his career….That includes a move from Krazy Horse (and all that character entails) to Kid Khaos, who, despite the name, is meant to be calmer and more controlled than his former incarnation.
Yeah, we didn’t think it made sense either which, of course, makes it exponentially better. If Krazy Horse isn’t one of your favorite fighters, then you’re just lying to yourself.
Looking up Krazy Horse’s arrest record is like opening up one of those little Russian Matryoshka dolls. Every account of Krazy Horse being arrested usually has ‘again’ in the title. As of June 27th 2007, Krazy Horse has amassed a collection of twenty separate mugshots. We’re not sure whether Krazy Horse immediately stopped doing illegal activity in 2007 or perhaps he just stopped getting caught. Maybe this Kid Khaos transformation is working after all. But before you start building your shrine to Krazy Horse, you need to check out this video of him rushing Cristiano Marcello, a member of the Chutebox Academy, after an entire evening of ragging on Wanderlei Silva. Dude gets some good blows in but Marcello eventually triangle chokes Krazy Horse into the next dimension.

Harold Howard
Harold Howard lived in a different time. If this were the 1400s, dude would be pillaging villages and sloppily drinking wine from the skulls of lions. The general population just couldn’t fully understand Harold Howard. He was too raw for his own good. On December 22th 2009, Harold Howard intentionally drove his flatbed truck directly through the entrance of the Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls, Canada. Police have now charged Harold with two counts of attempted murder, two counts of assault with a weapon, attempted break and enter, fail to remain, flight from police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, mischief and two counts of breach of recognizance. Dude racked up 11 charges in one nutty vehicular escapade (luckily nobody was severely injured or killed).
People shouldn’t be surprised at this behavior. Back in 1994, Harold Howard issued a general warning to anyone that dare venture in his vicinity: ‘If you’re coming on, then come on!‘ (but be sure to take off your sunglasses before you do).
But let’s get to the meat of exactly why Harold Howard is ranked number four on our Top Ten MMA Fighters You Should Build A Shrine To. It’s not his 2-3 career MMA record and it’s not the fact that he was ‘technically’ the first person to beat Royce Gracie. It’s because of the friggin scissor kick that refuses to go away after over 15 years of endlessly being replayed. In the UFC 3 finals, a fresh Steve Jennum replaced the worn and highly discouraged Ken Shamrock. Apparently Ken wanted to avenge his UFC 1 loss to Royce but upon hearing the news that Royce’s corner actually threw in the towel at the beginning of his Harold Howard bout (due to exhaustion from fighting Kimo Leopaldo), Ken Shamrock decided to drop out of the UFC 3 tournament.
To open up his final UFC 3 match against Scott Jennum, Harold decided to do something that has still puzzled virtually everyone who has ever watched the footage. In short, Harold does a scissor kick that completely misses his opponent. Realistically, if he would have landed the kick, the damage would have been minimal and left Howard vulnerable on his back. Maybe he was just in the moment or just ecstatic that he made it so far in the tournament. Whatever inspired Harold to execute this infamous scissor kick has inspired a new generation to basically bite and perfect Harold’s style.
And of course Tom Lawlor’s UFC Fight Night 20 weigh-in entrance where he pulled off the scissor kick garbed in authentic Harold Howard regalia.

Lee Murray
Jason Statham is like a substitute teacher version of Lightning Lee Murray. In 2006, dude kidnapped a bank manager and forced his way into what was supposed to be a high-security bank. Not like Bank of America or Well’s Fargo…we’re talking about the ones that have red lasers everywhere and can only be penetrated by Catherine Zeta Jones doing backflips in tight spandex. This bank was like one of those you would see in a cartoon with a 600lb diamond guarded by Elmer Fudd. Apparently, they hired Warner Bros security because Murray, along with a few of his buds robbed the bank of $96,000,000.00. $96,000,000.00! The dude must have been drinking whatever Bernard Madoff had that morning. It was the biggest bank heist in history. After knocking off the bank, the dude fled to Morocco and claimed citizenship because his father was born there. Authorities couldn’t do a single thing about it. Dude just masterminded and got away with just about enough money to satisfy my ex-girlfriend. He was enjoying a ballerish lifestyle until the police arrested him for having bricks of cocaine in his pad which (probably) broke local laws. Note to anyone stealing $96,000,000.00…try not to give a reason for the police to arrest you and take your loot. Don’t trespass, look both ways when you cross the street and try not to litter. The cops recovered all but $50,000,000.00 of his bank heist profits (which is practically like not recovering any) and threw him in jail. Lee Murray was somehow was released from prison on the claims that he was ‘a citizen of Morrocco’. What? That makes about as much sense as Clay Guida pretending to be human. We’re assuming the dude threw some cash their way and, as you read this, he’s sipping dirty martinis on a bear skin rug in his villa. War Lee Murary.
Now the director of Pi, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain and The Wrestler is slated to direct a movie based on Lee Murray’s life. Besides the above mentioned rawesomeness, Murrary also had open heart surgery that took seven hours to complete. Dude had no heart for seven hours. Of course this was due to a knife puncturing his left lung, coming out the other side and lodging right into his heart. Oh, and on top of all that…he was knifed twice in the head on a separate incident and survived. Breaking news, the role of Lee Murray is going to be played by Shia Labeouf. Just kidding, let’s not let ‘suck’ enter this movie.

Walid Ismail
You can’t call yourself a true MMA fan if you’re not familiar with Wallid Ismail and his beef with Ryan Gracie which has perhaps given the MMA world the greatest sound bite ever. In a time when the Gracies were running things in the jiu-jitsu game, Wallid Ismail stepped up and defeated Royce Gracie, Ralph Gracie and Renzo Gracie. Then in 1999, the feud began. In November of 1999, Ryan Gracie agreed to fight Wallid Ismail in WEC on Janurary 2000 so he moved to New York to train with Renzo Gracie. Wallid Ismail had to pull out of the fight because he was on the verge of signing off on another fight with Pride FC sometime early in 2000. The Pride FC contract fell through and Wallid signed on to the WEC fight with only six weeks notice but Ryan Gracie suddenly dropped out of their bout. In December of 1999, both fighters unexpectedly met at PePe beach and nearly scrapped on the sand and a few days later Ryan came to Wallid Ismail’s gym to confront him. Dude constantly reached into his fanny pack (yeah, 10 years ago people still rocked fanny packs) and threatened to pull a gun on Wallid (later it was discovered dude didn’t have a gun in his fanny pack). Wallid Ismail backed down and Ryan Gracie eventually left the gym.
On October 2000, Wallid Ismail and Ryan Gracie crossed paths at the after party for the Bad Boy fashion show in Brazil. The reports are a little cloudy, but the general consensus is that Ryan Gracie and a few dudes snuck up on Wallid Ismail and caught him off guard. Wallid’s boys eventually jumped in and the fight ended with Wallid Ismail guillotine choking Ryan Gracie.
The next year, Wallid Ismail and Ryan Gracie agreed to fight on a WEC card that was planned for April 2001. Everything was good until Ryan Gracie was arrested after stabbing a man in a bar fight in February, needless to say…he dropped out again from the Wallid Ismail fight. Unfortunately, Ryan Gracie died in a jail cell in Brazil from an apparent overdose so the MMA world will never get to see an official Wallid Ismail vs. Ryan Gracie showdown (one that didn’t happen in a bar at least).
However, we are blessed with two of the greatest interviews of all time…both of which belong to Wallid Ismail. If you’re drinking milk, be warned that it will immediately eject out of your nose after listening to these interviews.
If your neck hasn’t exploded in laughter at the previous interview, check out Stephen Quadros bringing up the one name that is guaranteed to get Ismail heated. Got to love it.

Genki Sudo
However cool you think you are, Genki Sudo has exceeded everything you’ve ever accomplished in your life and he did it with a synchronized team of Japanese dancers riding shotgun. Genki Sudo is the living embodiment of everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish in your life manifested in the body of a 16-4-1 fighter. Genki has only been stopped once in his career and it was by the stand-up of Kid Yamamoto. That was back when Kid was pound for pound the best in MMA, since he left his wife…dude can’t get a win.
Genki Sudo retired at the age of twenty-seven solely because he wanted to transition to the 4th dimension. Genki said that he was finished fighting in the 3rd dimension and his next ‘fight’ would take place on a mental/spiritual plane in the 4th dimension. However, Genki stated that he would have to reside in the 3.5th dimension in order to effectively get his message across. His message is simply: We are all one.
It’s actually not as simple as you may think. In his documentary, Genki Sudo breaks down his message and says that we all exist in exactly the same moment. The perception of past and future is merely an illusion. If one makes too many plans in the future, a portion of their present ‘self’ is lost in an unobtainable moment. Of course, if one chooses to focus on their past ‘self’, their present ‘self’ will never be fully realized. Genki stresses living in the moment and to rely as little as possible on material objects. In fact, the physical world prevents Genki Sudo from fully transitioning into the 4th dimension.
Genki has said his greatest accomplishment in MMA was his K-1 – Premium Dynamite!! submission of Butterbean back in 2003. Despite being outweighed by 260lbs, Genki managed to dive in Butterbean’s general direction and grab a heel hook only forty-one seconds in the second round.
Call him the ‘Neo-Samurai’ or the the ‘Transforming Trickster’, Genki Sudo is by far the most shrine worthy person who has ever graced the MMA world. He’s the author of eight philosophy books and even manages his own amateur baseball league for players over thirty. Genki Sudo also has a role in the pseudo sci-fi film entitled ‘The R246 Story‘ and that is why you should raid your garage for spare materials to construct a shrine for Genki Sudo.
Check out the first part of Genki Sudo’s documentary just because I love all of you so much. We are truly one.
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Fallsview Niagara Casino - 2/5 Live Cash

This is a selfish post. Mods feel free to remove if needed.
This is really just directed at anyone who regularly plays at the 2/5 live cash game at Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls.
I’m finally getting the chance to head down this coming long weekend. It’s been a relatively long time since I’ve been as I’ve found a few good games much closer to me that I go to on a regular basis.
Anyways I wanted to ask anyone who plays there regularly a few questions. Specifically:
1) how, if at all, has it changed since the session fees went up? I heard the action really died down since they did that. Is that true or have you not noticed a difference? I remember there would always be a long waiting list on Fridays/Saturdays back in the day. I was told that the waiting lists have since shrunk since the increase of session fee. True? False? (session fees are $7/hh now?)
2) how different is it from the live 1/2 game at Casino Niagara? When I used to go there, the players at the 2/5 game would splash around a lot more than at the 1/2 games which were often filled with nit-regs. Do you find 2/5 has more action relative to blinds/stacks? Less action? Same?
3) From what I remember PFR at the 1/2 were generally to about ~$8-$11 and about ~$15-20 for the 2/5. Is this still accurate? If not then what are general PFR amounts now? Planning on bringing 2 BI’s, hopefully won’t need both but if average pots are generally bigger than I remember then I might bring 3-4 BI’s to account for variance and all that.
I put in a live session at least once a week these days so I’m not really looking for general cash game tips such as beware of UTG limp/raise from old man coffee etc. I’m sure I’m over thinking by even making this post, but figured it’d be nice to have some perspective on what the game is like now and how it’s changed since I used to go. Any other noteworthy points re: fallsview are welcome as well.
*Edit: Grammar
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[BN] Cuomo pushing Las Vegas-style casino in Western New York; What's your opinion on casinos in and around Buffalo?

ALBANY – Frustrated by the lack of a casino revenue agreement with the Seneca Nation, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Wednesday proposed permitting a new Las Vegas-style casino in Western New York if voters statewide approve a gambling expansion amendment to the state constitution.
If that statewide plan fails, Cuomo proposed locating two gambling halls with slot-like machines in Western New York to compete with the three Seneca casinos.
The dramatic escalation of the state's fight with the Senecas came a day after Seneca President Barry Snyder Sr. called Cuomo a “bully” in between Snyder's meetings with state legislative leaders to try to beat back Cuomo's casino expansion plan. Cuomo officials, according to sources involved in the negotiations, called Snyder's comments the final straw that led to the governor releasing his bill Wednesday with the added Western New York gambling sites to challenge Seneca casino operations.
The casino bill still needs legislative approval and the backing of a separate constitutional amendment change by voters in a statewide referendum as early as this fall.
The bill calls for a “destination resort” casino located in Western New York if the Seneca Nation's 2002 casino compact with the state is not in “good standing.” It does not say who determines such standing, and the Senecas have insisted Cuomo cannot unilaterally impose such a condition.
In addition, the legislation states that two new video lottery terminal facilities, which offer slot-like devices such as those at the Hamburg and Batavia harness tracks, can open in Western New York if voters do not approve the broader statewide casino expansion. The VLT facilities cannot offer table games such as poker, but the existing nine track-based casinos have proven increasingly successful for their operators in recent years.
Both sides said Wednesday evening that negotiations have not broken down and that talks are continuing, but Cuomo has publicly and privately described the progress as nonexistent.
The governor's overall casino plan would locate the first three of seven casinos in upstate regions. He divides upstate into six areas but takes two out of the running – a large swath of Central and Northern New York – because of recent deals he cut with Indian tribes already operating casinos in those areas.
If the Senecas and the state reach a deal to end the dispute that has halted $600 million in tribe revenue-sharing payments to the state and Buffalo, Salamanca and Niagara Falls, the region would be taken off the list of eligible areas for a Class III casino that offers the full array of gambling, except betting on sports.
The additional casino and two possible VLT-only casinos for Western New York would be competitively bid, with the operators chosen by the state Gaming Commission, which Cuomo controls, or a panel appointed by the commission.
The Senecas, under their 2002 compact with New York State, were granted exclusive gambling rights in a large zone that extends from about the middle of the Finger Lakes region to Lake Erie.
While Cuomo proposed a new Class III casino for Western New York if the state and Senecas don't resolve their fight, the two other facilities could only offer video lottery terminals. No table games would be allowed in those facilities, which would only be placed in the region if the Senecas' compact was no longer considered valid.
Cuomo has floated the idea of trying to get a commercial developer to open a casino in downtown Niagara Falls as direct competition to the Seneca Niagara Casino.
Wednesday, Snyder said in an interview with The Buffalo News, in which he twice called Cuomo a “bully,” that the tribe doesn't fear Cuomo's threats and believes that its casino in Niagara Falls would still flourish even with new competition.
Other upstate areas that could have a Las Vegas-style casino would be a part of the Southern Tier, the greater Albany area and the lower Hudson Valley, including the Catskills region. Casinos would be banned in New York City. Other areas of downstate could get one of the remaining four casinos under the seven-casino plan, but not until at least five years after the first upstate casino opens.
The Cuomo plan also calls for casino franchise operators to pay the state at least $50 million in upfront fees and to pay Albany 25 percent of gross gaming revenues. That is less than half the tax rate imposed on racetrack-based casinos, meaning the future gambling operations under the Cuomo plan will be far more lucrative to their owners and provide a smaller percentage of funding to the state than the nine track casinos.
Bettors must be age 21 or older to gamble in the facilities, and, unlike the Indian casinos, gamblers will not be able to smoke in the casinos under the Cuomo plan. The legislation also proposes to ban political contributions by casino applicants to statewide or state legislative officials, and a new Inspector General's Office would be created within the Gaming Commission.
Lawmakers and Cuomo have until June 20 to negotiate the casino bill before the scheduled end of the 2013 legislative session. Lawmakers last year approved a resolution amending the state constitution to permit up to seven new casinos; the same, vague resolution has to be approved again this year if voters are to consider it in November. That 17-word resolution states that casino gambling will be permitted at no more than seven new facilities in the state.
A separate enabling bill, like the one Cuomo proposed Wednesday, is needed to lay out the specifics of how the casino expansion would work; there is nothing to stop future governors or lawmakers from changing those terms if voters approve the casino amendment to the constitution this fall.
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Buffalo-related urban legends and conspiracies (not hauntings)

The following are urban legends/rumors -- not hauntings -- that I've heard through the years:
Any more?
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Golden Orbs in the Sky on Two Different Occasions.

My first experience happened back in April of 2013. I really loved looking up into the night sky, thinking there may be aliens and UFO's somewhere, out there, we can't be alone.
This particular night, I was just looking all around the cloudless sky. It was beautiful seeing all the stars, though I would see more if there was less light pollution. All of a sudden, I saw a bright golden orb go really fast near the apartment building I live in. Here is the unique part about it. It dipped down as if it had gone over the apartment building and was coming back down to a certain level. Then in vanished. I suspected a meteor at first but I realized that the orb must have been 16 or so feet away from my face! It was really interesting.
Earlier today at say 9:45 PM, I was with a group of friends walking around near an abandoned house. I looked up and the golden orb appeared again, still going quite fast. This time it didn't dip down like the other one did, this stayed level but it was much closer at least 10 feet away from me. None of my friends saw it either. I asked my friends about it and they told me it was probably from the casino in Niagara Falls (Ontario) and sometimes you could see the spot lights. Well the thing is, I've seen the spot light lights before and they're blue. Not golden as these ones were. Plus, this golden orb was close and you see the spot lights in the distance. I don't know what these orbs are.
Has anyone had similar experiences? The orbs are about the size of a baseball or tennis ball.
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Hitting Vegas for the first time this weekend, any poker room reccos? I play 1-2/2-5 NL mostly.

I generally play 1/2 & 2/5 NL in a shitty casino in Niagara Falls, hit me with your LV reccos Reddit!
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Sports Betting in Buffalo

Is there anyplace which I can go to place a bet on tomorrows football games, without going to canada?
I know the casino in Niagara Falls, NY does not have a sports book place, but I know the one over the border does. I heard there was a place on elmwood, but not sure what it is called.
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Popped by Casino Niagara around 3am on New Years night. In $350, out $1585. Great start of the year!

Popped by Casino Niagara around 3am on New Years night. In $350, out $1585. Great start of the year! submitted by PokerBabe25 to chipporn [link] [comments]

Saturday night at Casino Niagara. Played for about 12 hours at $1/3 table. In $485, out $2260.

Saturday night at Casino Niagara. Played for about 12 hours at $1/3 table. In $485, out $2260. submitted by PokerBabe25 to chipporn [link] [comments]


16,000$ JACKPOT IN NIAGARA FALLS CASINO submitted by chipdumper to GamblingVideos [link] [comments]

Being in Niagara casino and TBHC automatically starts playing

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Steampunk in Niagara Falls casino

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Room Tour Seneca Casino & Resort Niagara Falls, NY - YouTube Casino in Niagara - YouTube Live play from seneca niagara casino!! Crazy 16,000$ JACKPOT IN NIAGARA FALLS CASINO - YouTube Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel - YouTube An Evening Stroll & Niagara Fallsview Casino & Resort Seneca Niagara casino in Niagara Falls,New York - YouTube FREE BUFFET @ SENECA Niagara Resort & Casino - YouTube Niagara Casino & Gaming - YouTube

The Casino Niagara sign can be seen for many miles away. It is a must go to casino in Canada. Many table games and slot machines to play. Very good on site restaurants to select from. Read more. Date of experience: October 2019. Helpful. Share. pat r wrote a review Mar 2020. Toronto, Canada 9 contributions 1 helpful vote. Weekend getaway. Casino niagra is clean and quite spacious lots of Finden Sie perfekte Stock-Fotos zum Thema Casino Niagara sowie redaktionelle Newsbilder von Getty Images. Wählen Sie aus erstklassigen Inhalten zum Thema Casino Niagara in höchster Qualität. Niagara spiel bonus umsetzen → Casino Top-Liste [01/2021] BrettspielWelt - Online * BrettspielWelt - "Niagara" ist. benutzen. Das Spiel. Spielfeld. Catan oder Monopoly spielen Niagara transportieren die Spieler Niagara findest Du hier. willst, dann ist das ihre Kanus. Wer eine im Niagara nach Edelsteinen. – Spielbox, Kurzbeschreibung: Niagara eBay Kleinanzeigen: Niagara Spiel Spieler Hotel SENECA NIAGARA RESORT AND CASINO in Niagara Falls – Jetzt einfach, schell & sicher buchen bei HOTEL DE! Günstige Preise Exklusive Businessrabatte bis zu 30 % NEU: Miles & More Prämienmeilen bei jeder Buchung! Welcome to Casino Niagara, you're gaming and entertainment destination in Niagara Falls, Canada. Check out our 24 hour poker rooms, 1300 slot machines and more! The Seneca Niagara casino defines excitement. Seneca Niagara offers endless ways to win with the most sought-after slot, table, keno, and poker games in New York. Feel the anticipation, experience the thrill, and claim your fortune at Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino. Social Club by Seneca . Social Club by Seneca is the way to get more for your play. Earn and redeem points and enjoy all the Das Niagara Fallsview Casino ist natürlich mit den Casinos in Las Vegas nicht zu vergleichen. Trotzdem war die Atmosphäre ansprechend und haben wir - so wie üblich - ein paar Dollar verloren und auch ein paar gewonnen. Das angeschlossene Einkaufszentrum ist nett und gibt es eine Niagara spiel → Casino Liste [Januar '21] Unser Niagara spiel Vergleich erkennt nicht nur Boni, sondern fasst. die ganzen Niagara spiel , die du im Internet bekommen kannst, findest du hier. unsere Bewertungen basieren auf Auszahlungen, Kundenservice & Spielerlebnissen. ne Große Auswahl zur verschiedener Aktuelle Promotionen & Spielautomaten werden von unserem Team unverwandt ergänzt Casino Niagara. 959 Bewertungen. Nr. 35 von 109 Aktivitäten in Niagarafälle. Kasinos. Leider sind an den von Ihnen gewählten Daten keine Touren oder Aktivitäten verfügbar. Bitte geben Sie ein anderes Datum ein. Beliebte Touren und Aktivitäten in und in der Umgebung von Niagarafälle. Schnellansicht . Skylon Tower: Eintritt zur Aussichtsplattform. 327 Bewertungen . ab 12,97 $ Weitere

[index] [33883] [28189] [20711] [4729] [1512] [321] [9901] [16232] [27197] [9228]

Room Tour Seneca Casino & Resort Niagara Falls, NY - YouTube

Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel - YouTube. Seneca Niagara Casino & Hotel is a casino located in Niagara Falls, New York. It was built by the city to compete with Casino Niagara and Niagara Fallsview... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Hey everyone thanks for stopping by, be sure to leave a like on the video and subscribe for more future content! After having fun in our Day 1 adventure in Niagara Falls. We used our guest coupon from Sheraton Falls Hotel and sign up in Seneca Casino. Buffet price is $... Fallsview Casino Niagara Falls - Duration: 6:34. Greg's World 34,298 views. 6:34. Vibrant 7s Slot Machine LIVE PLAY w/Bonuses Pokie at Seneca, NY - Duration: 13:13. ... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. June 9th, 2018 staying until June 12th, 2018 in Seneca Casino & Resort Niagara Falls, NY. Beautiful view out our window. You can see the mist of the Niagara ... Fallsview Casino Resort Hotel Room Niagara Falls Ontario Canada - Duration: 9:18. The World Of Mike 3,360 views. 9:18. WHAT I SAW AT NIAGARA FALLS CANADA FALLSVIEW CASINO - Duration: 5:22. ...